My Review of Story of A Country Boy by Val Portelli 

My Review of

Story of A Country Boy by Val Portelli

Story of A Country Boy is a gritty story of how men were in the 60s. How the power between men and women were preserved very uneven. But I also found this story to be fascinating and as it’s told from the first-person AJ you do get to know what led him to his actions. This is also a quick read and so if reading time is short this book could be read in one sitting.

The story itself follows AJ at his parents, farm, he’s young and has dreams of a world out there. His father runs his house with an iron rode and so as he grows up, he decides he will leave the farm and experience London. But is this the life he dreamed of? Is he a small fish about to enter a way to big pond? Or does London hold a life he’s been searching for? You’ll have to read this novel to find out.

Personally, I didn’t like the man AJ became and some of the scenes and violence towards women did have me flinching. But I think the Author Val painted a fair image of what went on in some households back then and the fall out it caused.

I think this is a powerful story about one man’s search for a better life away from his father and yet it’s telling that his actions are much the same when it comes to controlling what AJ perceived as his own… it didn’t matter if it was women or money.

I think the story is written so well that after reading some parts of it you are left feeling emotional, whether that be anger, sadness or understanding, it takes great skill to make a reader feel all those things and that alone is worth giving this novel a read.

I actually loved the end of this novel as I think it has a bit of a lesson, that what you put into life, to those around you is what you get back in spades over time. So, if you like reading gritty story with well-rounded characters, why not give this novel a go.

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