My Review ofShe Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham

My Review of

She Saw What He Did by Lynda Renham

I really enjoyed the nail-biting atmosphere of this novel. From the very first scene, you can’t help but feel on the edge of something big going down. It starts with a box that must be taken care of. But what is in that box? What is the mystery behind the box? I also loved seeing the bond Abby had with her young daughter and Abby’s focus on keeping her daughter safe.

The story itself follows Abby and her husband after she witnesses a murder and takes procession of a killer box. Abby soon realizes that the box belongs to a bigger plan headed up by Lester and now he’ll do anything to take the most important treasure to a mother to get his own way. Will Abby give up the box? Will Lester ever reveal its true power? You should read She Saw What He Did to find out.

I love how author Lynda does a fantastic job at head jumping between her characters, so the readers get to see the perspective of each character. What they feel about their actions and how overall it affects their mental state. I think this helps me connect with each character and see both sides of their moral compass or the lack of it in some cases.

I also think the message in this book was an important one, never let your children out of your sight and teach them to never put trust in a stranger. I liked actually hearing this from the child’s thoughts because I think it gave the whole scene a fresh take, rather than a parent thinking it from an adult’s perspective.

The end was gripping and emotional in some ways, but the story presents a climax you won’t want to miss. If you like action-packed books, with a host of different characters and an ending that will leave you both surprised and amazed… then give She Saw What He Did a read.

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