The Illustration Process of The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing Cover.

The Illustration Process of The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing Cover

The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing was published on the 3rd of March, which was a very special day for me partly because of people who took the time to share it on the release day. I can’t thank you enough for all your support. Now when I see my novel, I think of the things that I’ve learned in the process of publication. I want to share my experience with a cover illustrator, as for me this was a new way of having a cover created.

It all started years after writing my novel.  I had a clear and some might say creative or ambitious vision of what my cover would look like. Then came the time to put my vision out there to a few cover designers who advised me to go for an illustrator. So, I started looking for an illustrator on Fiverr. I wasn’t sure how to find one for book covers, but then I came across Bobooks.

I looked at the covers they had previously created and thought to myself ‘yes this seller might just be able to see my vision’ but time was a big problem for me as I was determined to publish my book on my birthday. I contacted them hoping they would be able to deliver what I exactly wanted before the deadline. Although I would say planning earlier and giving ample time is the best way to go.

Bobooks was really nice, they looked at my vision in-depth and told me the first step was to draw the cover and send it for my approval. I was rather nervous when in a few days I got the first draft. Apart from small tweaks, it looked so close to how I saw it in my mind and I thought that was amazing. After further tweaks, I permitted the seller to go ahead with the colour process.

Here is a snapshot of my description for my cover below (how I saw it) and the drawing from Bobooks.

Is there anything you wish to see on the cover?

Front characters for background and other elements that go with them.

I want Suzy with her black hollow- Wings clock on, hood up, her red curly long hair over her shoulders. She has a pale face, green eyes, wears a dress under her cloak. Round her neck, she wears a  hive-like pouch on a pink chain around her neck. She has her stick in her hand that glows orange and two lion heads float out of it in little orange sparkles. I want her Hobble fluff sat beside her,  he looks like a grey fluffy dog with small white dove-like wings that laid weakly over his shoulders.

Background setting that character should be standing in,

 The land of Last goodbyes with looks like yellowing grass, trees that are dark with a few that are full of leaves and have faces on like the faces of the green men from pagan times there should be only four of these trees. The darker trees should have rope hanging from one to the other with little drops of red blood on them and the moon should be a full moon with a slight hint of red to it, in a night blue sky. So the backdrop looks like she’s standing inside the land of last goodbyes… I think this will really go with the tone of my novel. but also give it that fantasy.

Step two: was colour- in my description, I expressed the colours I’d like on the cover, but Bobooks did the first colour draft. I told the tweaks I wanted to be made and checked nothing was missing from the first drawing. Then I waited for the final cover to be sent back. Honestly, I was enchanted by the cover’s design, I couldn’t stop smiling at how magical and beautiful the cover looked…

Colour cover design

Step three: Adding my title and blurb and making the cover design into a cover, this looked amazing after a bit of repositioning of the blurb. I couldn’t have asked for more from Bobooks as they were always ready to do revisions and resizing until I was completely happy with my cover.

I was very happy with the end result, and further had a book banner and bookmarks made to go with my book that also turned out lovely. I enjoyed learning the process and liked that they communicated each step very well which was a great learning experience.

As an author, I understand how hard it could be to find a good cover designer and illustrators, and recommendations could be very helpful. Based on my experience, I would be happy to recommend Bobooks to my fellow authors.

Finished cover for The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing.

Link to Bobooks 

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday and weekend.

Katrina xx








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