My Review of Policy of Truth by Scarlett Holloway

My Review of

Policy of Truth by Scarlett Holloway

Policy of Truth is the first book I’ve read by Scarlett Holloway, but I’m glad I did. From the first page, this story hooked me into the world of kick-butt women with a noble propose. I liked how their life experience led them to band together and help others. I also felt each character had very defined personalities that you can get behind and either like or not, but either way, I couldn’t stop reading this book until the very end.

The book itself follows a group of women in a Motorcycle Club who end up saving another woman from being beaten. However, saving this woman drags them into a darker battle with her abuser. He is much darker than they could have imagined and it’s only a matter of time before he comes calling with his own crew. Will this dark man bring the Motorcycle Club to a terrible end? Or will the kick-butt women be able to set him running before a battle can begin? You must read this book to find out.

My favorite characters are Viper and Durty they are both strong characters, but their hearts also shine through. Durty is a woman who has been burned in her life by others, but with courage, she rebuilt her life and show others how to do so giving them a kind of family within the Motorcycle Club. I love the mixture of love and care and facing hard challenges.

I thought the author does a great job of leaving her book on an interesting and nail-biting cliff hanger, she gives enough of an ending to satisfy the reader and leave us waiting for the next book.

If you like books that are full of action, strong characters and kick butt moments, I recommend you this novel.


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