Merry Christmas Round Up Post by Katrina Hart

Merry Christmas Round Up Post.

We’re just a few naps away from Christmas and therefore it’s the time for my last blog post of 2018. It has been quite a year for me. My year started off nice planning my boyfriend’s visit and Smokey had recovered from his ear troubles which was a huge relief because he’s a sweet cat. Also, at the start of the year, I started reading a poem a day which was a beautiful way to start a morning and of course read and reviewed many wonderful novels and stories, there are so many wonderful adventures to read about.

In the middle of the year my boyfriend and I planned a trip which was fun, we visited Hillside animal sanctuary and took my mum too which was nice. We had lots of laughs and cooked together, watched movies and really enjoyed being in each other’s life— he is a true blessing in my life and this time of year always remind me of the first time he asked me out. He also in the summer started teaching me Hindi which is a work in progress for me and something I plan to keep learning in 2019. I also had the pleasure of meeting his brother for the first time who was very nice, as well as his lovely parents when we Skyped for the first time which was a real joy—he has lovely parents.

Smokey and Holly also enjoyed meeting him and playing and getting treats, they always look so adorable when they try and get his attention. Shortly after this visit, there was the co-op robbery at gunpoint which honestly was one of the scariest moments I have ever faced in my life and for months after really set my nerves on overdrive. I did feel blessed my boyfriend returned to spend time with me, he has a kind heart.

I also took an editing course which was a lot of fun and taught me a lot and did some writing and work on the second novel I have written to get it closer to publication, discovered the joy of needle felting, diamond art and of course writing my yearly diary.

I’ve also really enjoyed being a part of a few Facebook groups and participated in the yearly Facebook party and how supportive people are in the groups and lovely talented authors too. I also want to thank everyone who took part in my mini blog series leading up to Christmas and those who have been on my blog throughout the year, it’s always a great joy to get to know you all and your books.

This year has also been a nice year with my family, spent some lovely moments creating memories with mum, like carving pumpkins, we lit candles for Diwali and spent time together caring for my two nieces on their visits.

For me this year has also been coming face to face with my extreme needle phobia. If you have one, you’ll know how extreme this can feel. For me, it sure is a phobia I battled since childhood, but I can say that this week I had my blood taken and the Elam numbing cream worked. I did not feel a thing and my nurse was so lovely and understanding which helped me and I really feel that it went some way to facing my fear. (never easy).

Well, I’ve gone on enough, but before I end, I want to thank all my lovely friends, who are a bunch of talented beautiful people and their support throughout the year has meant a lot to me. I wish you all a very special and beautiful Christmas and may 2019 be a lovely year for you all.



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