The Journey of a Jacket by Kshitij

The Journey of a Jacket by Kshitij

This is my favorite jacket. I remember buying it a few years back from an online store in India. I loved it for its color, style, and warmth- guess the usual attributes one would expect from a winter apparel. When I was on my big trip from India to the US to start my Ph.D. journey, I was wearing that jacket. My girlfriend so loved that jacket on me and she was always saying that it is my lucky jacket. Next year when I visited her, I brought that jacket with me. We both shared it on our trip. I must say the jacket looked much more beautiful on her or it was her who made the jacket glow with her beauty. We joked that she should keep that jacket, but she wanted me to take it back as it was my travelling jacket.

On the last day of our trip, the day I was set to return, something funny happened. I was getting ready early morning for my taxi to the airport and my girlfriend was making sure I have packed everything. She even made scrumptious sandwiches for me to have while I wait at the airport. I love her sandwiches; for her, too much cheese means too much love. Anyways, we figured that I couldn’t find my pair of socks- the one she gifted me on my birthday. Taxi was waiting as we were chaotically searching for my socks- cupboard, under the bed, living room, bathroom, well we did find it eventually and kissed goodbye with tears in our eyes and when I was at the airport my girlfriend texted me her picture in my jacket. Yes, I forgot to pick it up last moment thanks to our crazy sock searching and emotional goodbye moments.

Although she wanted to send the jacket to me, we decided that I’ll take it back once I visit her next time. So now the jacket lay next to her so like her cushion and every time she goes out, she wears the jacket, rain or sunshine. While she said it provided her the boyfriend warmth and feeling that I’m there with her. I felt comforted that I have left a piece of me with her.


As a writer and marketing researcher, I study how people develop relationships with material objects. The jacket, although a mere fabric, symbolizes a very special time in our lives and brings back all the sweet memories around it. It is a witness of our special love and a metaphor indicating that love knows no boundary as the jacket has travelled miles and spread it love all the way.

This jacket is my favorite because it is with my favorite person and our love has been able to give it a special meaning. In the material world, where each object draws psychic energy from us, the more we spread our love, the more beautiful and radiating the things around us appear.



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