Discover Your Family Legacy by Linda Weaver Clarke

Discover Your Family Legacy by Linda Weaver Clarke

This photo is the wedding picture of my parents. I absolutely love it because it represents my heritage. My mother was involved with genealogy and it was something she enjoyed. She wanted to leave a spark in me, the same desire as she had, so she told me about my heritage.

My mother told me that my great-grandmother was from Lancashire, England and that she was deaf from childhood. She told me how spirited Sarah was when she discovered a man hiding under her bed. With a broom in her hand, Sarah pummeled him good, until he realized she was not worth his lustful desires and ran out of the house. But Sarah was not about to let him go so easily. She chased him down the street as she pummeled him over and over again. The man never returned. After telling me more stories about her, Mama said I looked like her grandmother and gave me one of her thimbles.

Then my mother told me about my father’s heritage and how my great-grandmother, who was from Pembrokeshire, Wales, had just as much spunk. After settling down in Utah (United States), Frances discovered warriors stealing her grapes. It was her very first crop and they were stripping the limbs bare. Dawning her husband’s cavalry uniform, Frances tucked her hair under his hat. Then she grabbed his sword out of its sheath and marched outside onto the porch. Brandishing her weapon in the air, Frances yelled, “Leave or perish!” That was all it took. They dropped the gunnysacks full of grapes and took off running.

My mother’s love for her ancestors and genealogy soon got my interest, so I sat down and wrote the biographies of my grandparents and great-grandparents. They were stories that had been handed down to me from my father’s side and mother’s side. But that was not all. I finally wrote my parents’ story and had it published. I wanted my children and grandchildren to learn about their heritage.

I thought about my mother’s love for genealogy and decided it was time for me to do something about it. Since my husband has been interested in his ancestors, and he retired last year, we put in our application to serve at the Family Search Center in our hometown. We were accepted and now help people to find their ancestors and learn about their heritage. To join Family Search is free. Just go to and sign up.


Linda Weaver Clarke is the author of 24 books. She has written in several different genres, which include: historical romances, romantic cozy mysteries, a mystery suspense series, children’s book, and non-fiction. All her books are family friendly. To learn more, visit


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5 thoughts on “Discover Your Family Legacy by Linda Weaver Clarke

  1. Wonderful, I love the broom and the man under the bed event. It turned out well, but might not have. I have researched both side of my family and a long way back. It has taken 40 years, 30 of which were without the benefit of the internet and family history sites. Like you I adore the old photos and the stories are s much more real if there is a photo to go with it. Good luck it never ends. x

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