When The Heart Simply Melts, Katharine O’Neill

When The Heart Simply Melts

When someone asks what’s your number one priority in life, I always say my family. However, my fiancé and I are very camera-shy, so there is very little evidence of our eight-year journey together. But there is a lot of evidence of who joined us along the way. The source of most of my love.

Our kids.

They drive us mad, they like to push it, but they have our unconditional love. When one of them smiles at me, I can’t help but feel proud of them, even when they were being naughty a few moments before. They come up for cuddles, and that’s when my heart melts. It melts even more when I hear praise about them. Danny and George are my pride and joy.

My daughter is one of those kids that loves to learn. She will be sitting on the sofa for five seconds and then say she’s bored. She loves to be kept busy, excelling in sports and doing great at school. No one has a bad thing to say about her, and Danny is very protective of her little brother (when they’re playing nicely!). There is always a time when she drives me crazy, but she’s an absolute darling. I can’t help but smile whenever she’s doing something.

George, my little boy, is a lot more laidback. There will be moments when he’s got no off-switch and he runs around like a mad thing, but then he’s happy to lie on the sofa and relax. He loves things in a routine, which makes things a lot easier. And now he’s starting to talk a lot more, there’s no stopping him! There is a bright little spark in there, one that can only be coaxed out.

There is one place that does make both of them smile and that is at my parents’ home. We headed down there for a week over the summer, and both children were excited about going out to many parks, visiting beautiful places, and spending time with me and their dad while we had a holiday of our own from work!

These two are mad for the park, as you can see. It feels like every ten minutes they ask to go to the park. Danny loves to climb everywhere and swing on the bars. She’s like the energizer bunny. George is happy enough on the rocking animals and going down the slide about fifty times before he goes to something else. They are fine with other children, but it’s clear they prefer to play together. Danny looks after George when they’re out. And they come home with beaming smiles, something that I love to see.

I can’t ask for better. Especially with Danny. When I ended up in hospital two years ago due to blood clots, she helped her father look after George, who was barely a year old, and then me when I came out. There’s always a cuddle when I’m not well or asking if I want a wet flannel for my head to ease a migraine. And George has picked up on her caring side, stroking Danny’s head if she hurts herself or hugging her is she’s not feeling well. Whatever Danny does, George copies, which can be good in most things. Obviously, not in others, but they’re still kids. It’s bound to happen.

Am I proud of them when they do something? Absolutely. Do they let me get my work done during the day? I should be so lucky!

But do I love them? More than I can tell you.

Katharine O’Neill

Author Bio

Katharine has wanted to be a writer as long as she can remember. She wrote her first novel at the age of fifteen when she was supposed to be studying for her GCSEs. At university, she studied Creative Writing and Film and TV Studies, graduating in 2010. After some years in the health industry as a community carer, Katharine then turned to freelance ghostwriting in 2015. The freelancing became a full-time job and, to date, she has written over 300 short stories, novellas and novels of romantic fiction to various clients. In June 2018, Katharine had her first novella, A Day to Remember, published with JMS Books. In August 2018, she was accepted for another contract with Cobblestone Press, the short story, named The Walrider’s Woman, due out in 2019.

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