The Change of Seasons By Tayler Macneill

The Change of Seasons By Tayler Macneill

I get so excited when it snows and the feeling it brings from with in is remarkable. As a fictional writer I have always loved the feeling of the magic I felt as the words written came alive on the paper, well winter has the same effect on me. I watch as the snow falls from the sky and gently covers the earth, a feeling of peace fills my heart, making it feel surreal. It’s the one season where people are jolly and feel a need to truly celebrate.

My favourite thing to do is to curl up in front of the fire place and watch the snow fall out the big picture window. I love when the flakes are huge, sadly they never last when they are.

How about the mornings you wake up to the thick blankets of snow, and the kids are excited and chattering about going out to play. Winter clothes scattering all over the floor as they try to find their boots, moms letting out a huge sigh as they watch the mess rise.

Standing at the back door with a hot cup of coffee and watching the kids as they tumble around in the snow, laughing and having fun. Remembering what it was like when we were that age and how we wished we still had it in us to let it out, although appreciating the quiet moments of being an adult.

This is something my kids want every time the holidays roll around, maybe you will want to try it.


Have a great day everyone 

Author Tayler Macneill.

A must try

3/4 cup hot chocolate

1/4 eggnog

cover it with whip cream

sprinkle it with coloured sprinkles

drizzled Carmel over the top and 

add a candy cane into the hot chocolate 

and let it melt.




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