Family Affair by Anna Shenton

Family Affair by Anna Shenton

Hi everyone, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have the opportunity to write a Christmas post on the very lovely Katrina Marie Hearts blog. Thank you, Katrina, it is a delight to be here.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many! And I like to think that we can spare a thought for anyone in dark times.

As a child, Christmas was so different to today’s times but as equally pleasant.

I recall Christmas Eve being my favourite time. Marth, my late mother from Germany gave my two siblings and I, an amazing time. Christmas eve, we had to leave the room while mum lite the candles on the tree, the smell still lingers now, it was amazing. All presents were then hidden around the room in places you would never imagine to look. We sang carols, a special favourite Silent Night, oow I feel Goosebumps as I tell you. It was Joyous. At the strike of midnight the hunt was on and we tore our way around the room to discover little things, like Oranges, nuts, skipping ropes, slippers, and cuddly teddies. To us that was just so wonderful. Those were the days.

For me now, I’m blessed with a large family of two sons, four stepsons and all the wonderful wife’s/partners and grandchildren. I hardly have time to breathe. But I just love it. Seeing tiny faces full of excitement and joy ripping their way through numerous gifts, there is no better scene. Once the sea of wrapping paper has been gathered and all toys, chocolates, puzzles and everything else has been stacked into piles for each child the chaos starts in the kitchen. Well on this occasion it was little Eadies first Christmas and she was a little bamboozled by it all. But hey, my daughter-in-law Gemma and I enjoyed predrinks whilst the men chopped, peeled and basted in the kitchen. Yippee, so with our crowns placed safely on our heads a photo shoot was about to take place.  Gemma, Macy, Martha and myself happily seated on the couch ready for the snap. Then all of a sudden Adam scooped up Little Eadie from the kitchen floor in her pink too too and rushed her to the lounge and dumped her in front of us taking prime position at the front of the photo gathering just in time. I think you’ll agree, although she wasn’t quite sure about the vast move in mid-air, she certainly made the picture.

I’ve included a poem I wrote during this time and I hope you enjoy it.

My love for writing captures times, imagination, events and so much more. It is a gift that anyone can enjoy.

If you would like to look at some of my writing works I’d be delighted to share those with you just follow the link. Thank You.

Thank you once again, Katrina, for your invite and I sincerely hope you and everyone around us has a wonderful peaceful time HAPPY CHRISTMAS X


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