Sadly I’m not taking part anymore, but please of support those who are doing Foster An Author 2018.

Foster An Author 2018

Morning all,

This blog post is about what is coming up this month. Sadly I’ve had to pull out of  Foster An Author program. It was a very new concept to me that I learned about a few weeks back. But at the end of this month, I start my festive count up with a mini blog series in which some wonderful authors have agreed to take part, so keep an eye on those.

So, what is Foster An Author program all about? 

Well, Foster An Author is where bloggers get to foster authors for a week and promote their books on social media each day of that week. Bloggers and Authors are paired randomly by organisers of the program. It starts from the 22-26 October. So go and support Scarlett Holloway and many other authors taking part this year.

So, my lovely readers, this is how you can support authors and bloggers, tweeting, sharing and commenting on the host blog and enter the fantastic giveaways that some authors will be conducting throughout the week. Show love for the authors that promise to take you on so many mind-popping adventures, and the foster bloggers for their time to host and share authors.

Facebook hashtags  #FosterAnAuthor2018 or #FAA2018

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Katie. x


2 thoughts on “Sadly I’m not taking part anymore, but please of support those who are doing Foster An Author 2018.

    • Hi Kernerangelina,

      Thank you will be starting the mini blog lead up on the second of November. I hope everyone that got to take part had lots of support and a lovely time.

      Happy Halloween

      Katie x

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