My Review Lights Rise (Light in the Darkness book 1) By Yvette Bostic.

My Review

Lights Rise (Light in the Darkness book 1)

By Yvette Bostic.

I enjoyed Light Rise it was rather different than my normal book choices, but I was drawn in by the lovely cover. This book is entertaining and full of adventures. Also, throughout this story you’re given plenty of characters to get behind right up until the very end. I loved how this book was full of magic against the backdrop of war, and the battle of good versus evil consumes the story and you never really know who will win.

The story itself follows Darian as he is dragged into time travel by the council of light. He is dragged into a war he was not prepared for, but destined to face. After a crash course in his new mystical abilities, he’s set to go up against the devil and trap him in a magical book. Will he succeed? Or will the devil present him with a more tempting offer to topple the balance towards the dark side? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

This book has some wonderful scenes and it blurs the lines between good and evil, right and wrong. I thought in some ways this book spoke of our moral compass on whether we help others or get driven to darker places where our morality and humanity is tested.

The author did a great job at ramping up the tension between Darian and the council as they march closer to the impending evil. The ending was very interesting and brought this novel to a great point between possible redemption and the possibility of another story in the making.

I would recommend this novel for anyone who likes stories laced with battle and magic, good and evil and characters that you will either love to get behind or love to hate. Either way, this is a great adventure.

Also, this book has a novella that is like a prequel if you want to start from there. However,  this novel can be read and enjoyed on its own.

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