My Review of Gift Horse by Jan Ruth.

My Review of

Gift Horse by Jan Ruth

Gift horse was a very intriguing story. I really enjoyed reading about Caroline’s past and how her life changed after one drunk filled night. I found the dynamics between Ian and Caroline very interesting, especially because she seemed a much younger soul than he was even when they were both young. This makes for a gripping read especially as we see how their future turns out.

The story itself follows Caroline as she frets over her daughter Mollie’s horse race. While in the race Mollie and her horse suffer a tragic accident, which changes her life forever when Ian has blood taken to help Mollie he discovers he’s not her dad. Who is Mollie’s dad then? Will the truth cause a rift in Mollie’s family? Or will Ian forgive Caroline and keep the family together? Read Gift Horse to find out.

I felt for Ian throughout the book. Although he struggled in the bedroom, he was determined to fix his problem, not only that but also thinking he’d fathered a daughter brought out his loving caring side which was a great contrast to his very shut-offish personality.

However, Caroline suffered because one night left her with secrets, so she ended up settling for a man she didn’t truly feel loved by. This resulted in Caroline dedicating her life to her daughter. I think in some ways she wished she’d had an out for a long time. Despite all of the complexities, Ian and Caroline loved their daughter Mollie. The author did a great job at capturing the love that bonded the family

This book involves some emotional contents including a person’s fight against cancer. The author captured the struggle of looking after a parent and confronting the hardships that the future may bring very sensitively.

I also thought the mention of therapy horses and their usefulness, reminded me of just how special animals are and the affect they can have on a person’s life.

The end was unexpected, I really liked how it tied up with the tragic advent at the beginning and left me with a sense that the story had come full circle.

If you like books with beautiful sceneries and horses or family dramas involving secrets and revelations, then give this book a try.

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