My Review of An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D, Welshman.

My Review of

An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D, Welshman.

An Armful of Animals is an interesting read that is written from a vet’s perspective. I liked how each chapter read like a memory recall shared either through pets such as snakes, dogs, and hamsters that came through the practice doors, or through the pets that belonged to the vet himself and how they impacted his life. I think in some way everyone who has owned a pet can relate to the love and some time mishap that the author describes in this book.

The book itself follows Malcolm through his early years of being a vet and we are introduced to the many pets that he treats and looks after throughout his life, such as the hamster with pins and things stuck to his face. Will Malcolm discover he has a magic hamster on his hands? Or is there a simple answer? Or will he find the Snake that went missing from his basket?  You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My cat Smokey huffed at me when I read him the chapter where we discover Malcolm does not have the best of luck with cats. I think if he could speak he’d say cats don’t like the vets’ smell around them.

This book showed that no one is perfect, including vets. I found that the pet owners in this book are really relatable, from looking up their worries online, so when they got to the vet they had the knowledge to ask questions, rather than letting the vet look at their pets and just diagnose, which has become much more of a need I think these days than when I was a child.

I liked the author’s honesty of how some patients’ owner sometimes frustrated him, especially those with huge demands such as home visits. But to his credit he did go and that I’m sure it meant a lot to those who need it most.

This book is funny, witty and emotional in places and perfect for any animal lover. I know I found myself giggling reading some of the chapters. The ending will bring a little tear to your eye and really does come full circle of Malcolm’s life with his beloved animals.


An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D, Welshman. 

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3 thoughts on “My Review of An Armful of Animals by Malcolm D, Welshman.

  1. Hi Katie,

    I’m sure it was insightful to read his veterinary experiences. Pet owners are very protective too.

    Sounds like an excellent read.

    Say hello to Smokey and Holly.

    Take care xx

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