My Review of The Crack of Evil by Tayler Macneill.

My Review of

The Crack of Evil by Tayler Macneill.

Well, I couldn’t put down The Crack of Evil from the first chapter, so spent half my dentist’s visit and a night reading through the chapters to find out what would happen to Derek, Cindy, Brandy, and Ben. I loved that they all had interesting fears which really drives this story into scary, strange and terrifying corners. I also loved how at times you wondered what just happened? Did it really happen or was it just an illusion? I’m so glad I came across this book by chance when having a little look at the author’s website. I will have to read Tayler’s other books as this one has become one of my one favourite supernatural horrors.

The story itself follows Brandy, Derek, Ben, and Cindy after they moved into an old and creepy apartment. Their landlord tells them the history of the apartment creates character. But how much character this apartment has the four roommates found out soon after a presence starts causing them harm. Derek pulls out an Ouija board and suggests they throw a party and ask the presence what it wants. But does the presence want something dark and sinister? Is there more than one spiritual presence toying with the roommates’ lives? Will there be deaths after the Ouija board helped the roommate make contact with the unseen? You must read this book and find out.

I really liked all the characters in this book, they all carried around guilt and fear which made them perfect to be toyed with and tortured. I also loved the friendship between the friends, they worked together and didn’t want to leave each other behind. I think this really helped with the emotions within the story because you could feel their pain when one was targeted or hurt.

I liked the many worlds or slips between reality and their apartment because each one was nail-biting, but Tayler does an amazing job at first creating some beautiful scenes and then making readers realize they are not as beautiful as they appear, in fact, they are dark and sinister with horror awaiting the roommates at every corner.

This book also keeps you wondering and guessing until the very end, although the end is gratifying and brings the story full circle… I hope there is a sequel. If one is published I will be reading it for sure.

If you love supernatural Horror or Sci-fi, you won’t want to put this book down until the end.


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