My Review of A Day To Remember by Katharine O’Neil

My Review


A Day To Remember by Katharine O’Neil

A Day To Remember can be read in one sitting. The book has a gripping storyline with an ending I didn’t even see coming. I liked the characters in this book, especially Bryony because she has a witty side but vulnerability about her that draws you into wanting to know her story.

The story itself follows Bryony as she’s convinced to see a fortune teller with one of her friends. However, even a non-believer can find herself chilled by the predictions that are thrown her way. Will someone come into Bryony life to save her from someone else with darker motive? Or are the words of a fortune teller not all they seem to be? Read this novella to find out.

I also liked the premise of Bryony’s job of catching crocked cowboys and how this helps the readers to slowly learn about Bryony’s past and her desires for the future. Especially when it comes to Georgia. The author Katharine does a great job at showing the differences in her characters’ emotional sides and motives behind their actions.

I also felt that Tara was an interesting character. Being a daughter of a controlling mother, Tara turns into someone she may not have been if she’d had stable support. I found this side of her character very interesting and even though she has done terrible things, I think in some ways her motives are explained well throughout the story.

The book had enough suspense to be a great page turner for a good hour’s read for me and the ending doesn’t disappoint at all and in some ways was rather surprising.

This is a good read for anyone who likes great characters, stories with a romantic twist.  Give this book a read and find out what really happened after Bryony saw the fortune teller.

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A Day To Remember by Katharine O’Neil.

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