Summer Round Up and a Winter Mini blog Series Idea.

Summer Round Up and a Winter Mini blog Series Idea.

Well this summer has been quite eventful fun, loving and terrifying all in one. I took a mini break from my blog near the end of June to spend a few weeks with my lovely boyfriend Kshitij, who travelled from Texas during his university break to  spend a few lovely weeks with me.  It was really lovely to see him, and  I smiled so much during our trip.

My two cats Holly and Smokey also loved his visit. Smokey remembered him and was on his lap looking for treats and cuddles and Holly remembered his travel bag and decided to play with it again, why break a visiting habit,  she was thinking. I always find it funny with the cats how they just love him so much and fall into their silly ways like they’ve been playing with him forever and jumping about after their treats .

While enjoying each other’s company and feeling very blessed to be together again after a good while, we cooked for each other—there is no better fun than cooking with flour and chasing Kshitij with it until he too has flour everywhere. We did save enough for the apple crumble though and it was very tasty. He even cooked a dish for me called Quesadillas , which is now my favourite thing ever…

We had fun date nights by candle light all dressed up in our date night-clothes and ate Indian food together, with our playlist on in the background, very romantic—- then we danced around the living room looking into each other’s eyes which always feels very magical to me.

We took turns in picking movies and watching them curled up together, me sometimes falling asleep—Well movies can have that effect on me. We even visited the barns near mine and Hillside and fed baby lambs and petted horses, goats, donkeys and sheep. Animals have such a lovely way about them and a real calming effect on me so I really liked spending a little time  with them. My mum even enjoyed Hillside and thought what a gentleman Kshitij was carrying her bags.

We had many little adventures over the summer together and even got creative and made each other a decorative art creature . But time flew so fast and all too soon it was time for me to meet his brother for the first time— I was a bit shy as we’d never met, but he was lovely and enjoyed feeding lambs too. It was nice to get to know one of his family members.

A day after it was time to say until next time—It’s the worst feeling knowing the person you love is leaving for a while and I knew I’d miss him a lot. But I was also really happy for him as he was going to spend the last week in the UK with his brother. So, with tears in my eyes I waved them off and spent a few days reminiscing about the time we’d spent together.

Then the next day after he’d gone, I went to our local shop with my mum to pick up some food and other things. However, I truly wished we’d never left home— while we were there  someone robbed the till by gunpoint, honestly it was so fast I didn’t even know what had happened until we were locked in and the poor cashier was very shaken. I had the worst anxiety attack I’ve had in a while. Luckily no one was hurt, and the person has been caught, but these things can leave emotionally drained and for me I’m still struggling to re-enter that shop without feeling like anxiety attack. But my mum has been back down there.

I was very blessed that my boyfriend travelled all the way back for couple of days to try and support me through the stressful feelings, he was a true rock. Also, I couldn’t have asked for nicer friends who were very supportive as well and I feel very blessed to have you all in my life.  But it has taken me a while to catch up on writing, my blog and participating in writing groups and sometimes I feel a bit like the months have sped by.

My boyfriend then returned to India to visit his family and while there his parents Skyped with me. It was a real pleasure to meet them both and they were two very lovely happy people, and his cousins were lovely too.

Now it’s time for me to try and catch up on my writing and I’ve already started catching up with my reading starting with Class of 2008 click to read my review.

But also, I’m hoping to do a mini blog series leading up to Christmas— So the idea is pick up a photo related to Christmas or of the people or things that bring love in your life, be it a pet, partner etc… Write me a little post about the moment captured in the picture in around 500 words. Of course, I’ll add the web links and a short bio of your book into the post as well. So, if anyone wants to take part let me know.

Well I think it has been enough excitement for me this summer. Honestly, I’ll be glad when the winter months settle in. I can snuggle with my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate and just write, read and watch my silly cats chase each other around

So how was your summer? Have you been writing or done anything exciting? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Happy writing and all the best with whatever you’ve all been up to this summer.

Best wishes Katrina x




2 thoughts on “Summer Round Up and a Winter Mini blog Series Idea.

  1. Wow scarey stuff there… Nothing like that for us but a sad and emotional summer as we have had to say goodbye to 3 people very dear to us in a very short space of time. We do our best to recharge our batteries by spending time out in the wonderful countryside we have here but just like you I’ve found it very draining. Heres to a calm and peaceful time ahead..

    • Hi Deborah,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to say goodbye to 3 very dear people in your life, it’s always heartbreaking and really emotionally draining to lose those you love. (((hugs))). I hope spending time in the countryside helps a little. I bet it’s very beautiful. I know the feeling, after what happened at the shop I’ve felt emotionally drained and found it hard to get back to things. I was a very scary experience and it makes me worry more and count my blessing for those in my life. Let us hope there’s a more calm and peaceful time ahead for both of us…

      Take care
      Katie x

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