My Review of Class of 2008 (A Rosario and Balou Mystery)

My Review of

Class of 2008 (A Rosario and Balou  Mystery)

Class of 2008 is a gripping and suspenseful second instalment in the Rosario and Balou series. I really enjoyed finding out how Rosario life had changed since the events of book one and I could see how she’d progressed in her life and learned from her past. I also loved reading events from Balou (her cats point of view) he ’s one of my favourite characters and so easy to imagine when following the story. I love this line of his in the book: ‘They stare at me and I do the same without flinching. I am enjoying the staring competition’

The story itself follows: Pilar as Rosario helps her get ready for a class reunion with her past classmates. However, their little get together soon turns into a battle of the past and a need for the truth. Which one of the ladies stole that night? And whose secrets will be revealed in the search to clear one of their names from any wrongdoing?  You must pick up this book and find out.

I found the character dynamic between Pilar, Monica, Berta very interesting because of their different personalities. I also thought Author Patricia did a great job a touching on the subject of bullying in her story and how this can still affect her characters lives even when grown up.

This book is enjoyable and sometimes funny and quirky especially Balou’s take on life and his needs. I think he has a cats life down to a tea and no cat likes disturbances, but his love and companionship towards Rosario shine through and as any can owner knows cats can turn any bad day into a good one.

I also loved the mystery in this book because it drags you into the mindset of who did it? And honestly, the suspense is kept right to the end, so readers can enjoy painting an image of their own as they follow the path to the truth.

I recommend this book if you’ve read the first one and like me needs to know what happened next, or as a  standalone mystery with great and suspenseful characters and an ending you won’t see coming. So why don’t you pick up Class of 2008 and find out the real story for yourself?

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