Welcome Lynda Renham Talking About Her New Release Watching You.


1st January 2000, 1 A.M.

Her bare feet pounded the gravel, the sharp stones cutting mercilessly into her skin. The wind whipped cruelly at her hair and played with her new chiffon dress until her legs became entangled within it. She pulled herself free from the material without once slowing her pace, her heart drumming in her chest. She could hear the blood pulsating in her ears like a wild war dance. Her scalp tingled. Something had touched her. She fought back a scream. It was a branch, just a tree in the blackness of the night. Keep going. She couldn’t stop. A firework boomed and lit up the night sky. She tripped, scattering the detestable gravel. A small sob escaped her lips before she dragged herself up and continued on. He’d seen her. He’d seen her. That’s all she knew.  Keep running. Don’t look back. An orchestra of colours exploded in the sky and lit up the tall iron gates of Greystone Hall ahead of her. She thought back to the house and nausea rose up in her gut. Soon she would smell the pungent odour of seaweed. Her heart beat a steady rhythm now. She knew the beach wasn’t far away. Excited voices and the sound of drunken laughter broke through her pulsating eardrums. People were partying on the beach. It was the beginning of something new, something exciting, a new start.

‘Happy Millennium,’ someone shouted.

She tripped in her haste to reach them. Her mouth connected with cold sand, it scratched her skin.

‘Help me,’ she choked. ‘Please.’

‘Had too much?’ said a voice.

There was laughter from a small group huddled around a camp fire.

‘Hold on,’ said another. The voice concerned.

She felt someone touch her.

‘Fuck, she’s bleeding.’

‘Call the police,’ yelled another.

There was scuffling and someone wrapped a coat around her. It was warm and comforting.

‘Christ, what happened?’ he said.

‘Someone shot my Aunt and Uncle,’ she moaned, trying to get up. She couldn’t. She was exhausted.

‘I think they’re dead.’

Thank you so much to Katrina for featuring me on her blog. I’m delighted to be here to talk about my new book ‘Watching You’

Ewan Galbreith is out of prison. Libby Owen is scared. Fifteen years earlier she saw Ewan murder her aunt and uncle with their own shotgun, and now he’s coming for her.

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The characters in this book are mesmerising. At least they were for me. I hope you find them so too. You may know me as a romantic comedy writer. I still am. However, a year ago an idea for a thriller came to me and I had to write it. It was titled ‘Remember Me’ and it went straight onto an audio book and into the bestselling charts. It was a bestseller in the US and in the UK.


 I was thrilled but had no intention of writing another until another idea pestered me so I had to write it and that was ’Secret and Lies’ This is also now out as an audiobook if you prefer to read books that way.


Then I began another romance and really enjoyed writing it until a thriller idea entered my head and then I had no choice again but to write that one too.

This is ‘Watching You’ I think it is my best. I hope you do too. The romance is due out in a few months and I have so enjoyed writing that. I’ve given Katrina an extract from ‘Watching You’ so you can read the beginning.  It’s currently on Amazon for pre order for 99p/99c but this will most likely go up when the book is released on the 5th April.

Do join me on my Facebook author page. I have competitions often.

https://goo.gl/u8c2Mn  Facebook Author Page

Enjoy the books

Much love

Lynda xx





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