My Review of The Snow Witch Author Matt Wingett

My Review


The Snow Witch Author Matt Wingett

 The Snow Witch by Matt Wingett is an enchanting story, full of magic, devastation, rape and deaths as well as healing. Donitza and Eddy are both really interesting characters to read about- while Donitza played music like an angel attracting many, against her feeling of entrapment to her past, Eddy was shy, and often came across to others as not so bright and intelligent, but he was full of wonders and had skills to fix and build things that made him one of those characters you wished you knew more about while reading this book.

The story itself follows Donitza as she walks the snow fulled streets playing her music that her mother had taught her and advised that it would keep her safe. However, one night she attracts the attention of Riley, a drug-addicted power hungry and controlling man, who likes to keep women under his toes. But will his intentions to control the mysterious Donitza, backfire and results in his downfall? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I like the switch between Donitza in the present day trying to find her way and her past when she was small, troubled by bad men, spells and fairytales of foxes. I also thought that the religious theme worked well and was very heartbreaking and emotional with scenes of violence and deaths, but it’s painted more in the eyes of the young Donitza that makes those scenes much more emotional and terrifying than just brutal murder or killing. I thought Matt did a wonderful job at showing this.

I also loved how by the end pieces of the story start connecting.  Riley an evil man- we get to see that somewhere in another life he could have been good, ‘kind’ even some called him. It shows that even the most troubled of souls have slivers of ‘kindness’, but only if they decide to use it.

I liked how this story also reminded me of a more adult version of Once Upon a Time the TV Show., in the way that The Snow Witch blurs the real world with folktales, good and bad and gives a magical yet emotional and terrifying vibe.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes enchanting meets violence and destruction, with mystifying and alluring characters that will take you through a journey that you will thoroughly enjoy.


Amazon link.:

The Snow Witch by Matt Wingett will be available as a free kindle download from Saturday 17th February – Wednesday 21st February. 


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