Happy New Year Everyone. (2018.)



Happy New Year Everyone.


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year ’s Eve with your family, friends and pets.

I had a nice Christmas with my mum, boyfriend, Smokey and Holly and Boxing Day with my nieces. I love Christmas time as my mum always made it special when I was younger and during Christmas time my boyfriend asked me out two years ago, so it has always been magical to me. My nieces loved Christmas, they both were disappointed when their elves’ went back to Santa-land, but overjoyed that Santa had brought them so many nice presents and ate the treat that my nieces left for him and his reindeers.

Holly and Smokey also loved Christmas as they got lots of toys and treats that they spend time enjoying and eating. It’s always lovely to see them both jumping around and having fun.

This year, I aim to be more creative and hope not to take stress or get anxious as much as last year. Creatively I’ve started trying felting, adult book colouring. Besides, I’m looking forward to continuing my writing. I also hope to catch up on the books I didn’t get chance to read before Christmas as well as the books I got as presents on Christmas.

Besides, I’m looking forward to doing more blogging and welcome more wonderful authors to share their stories and inspiration on my blog…

I hope this year all my family, friends and pets stay well and have a lovely year. I hope they reach all their New Year goals and have a really happy 2018.

How was your Christmas? What did you all get up to? What are you looking forwards to most in 2018?

Wishing You All A Lovely 2018

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