Merry Christmas all (End of the Year Post.)

Merry Christmas all

End of the Year Post.

This year has been full of emotions and special moments for me. I can’t believe how fast it has gone and now we are near to Christmas. I hope your year has been lovely and mostly stress-free and that everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family, pets, and friends.

Looking back over 2017, I’ve found that the start of my year was one of great sadness and needing to heal and get used to life without my believed dog and my Nan, as they both passed away just before the last Christmas and the beginning of the year felt very sad and everything a bit out of place around my home. However, great friends reminded me that even if one can’t see the people and pets that leave the earth they are always in our hearts and in the little things they taught us throughout the years of their life.

Halfway through the year, I was excited to meet my boyfriend and spend some magical moments with him. He is a wonderful guy and came a long way just to spend time with me and my two little monster cats—Smokey and Holly who really loved him after they had messed about with his things and got to know he brought them treats. I love him very much and I’m very blessed to have him in my life.


Also this year my Smokey got rather unwell and had to be sedated and sorted out. It was a horrible experience, but I feel very happy that he’s feeling better now and in time for Christmas as he just loves pulling things off the tree with his fellow house cat Holly and running in and out of tunnels like a cat on a mission. It’s lovely to see him happy again and I really hope the New Year brings good health for him and Holly.

I’ve also felt very cross and sad this year after ParcelForce failed to deliver my very special package my boyfriend sent me with a beautiful letter. I was saddened that they didn’t take responsibility for leaving their van exposed for someone to be able to just drive off with it and for the lack of communication on their part to the action they were taking. It also makes me sad that someone would take the van in the first place. I’m sure I’m not the only one hurt by this and in some way hoping that whoever stole the van and my package will return it. Even if it seems very unlikely, I guess I try and believe that people even if they do wrong could turn it around.

But I am very thankful to my family as we all are looking forward to Christmas, especially my nieces as their Elves are causing mayhem on Santa’s orders or baking cakes for them to help them prepare for Christmas Eve when Santa brings toys for the good girls like Imogen and Roseanna.

My friends have been wonderful this year, very supportive of my writing and making the year really special and lovely. I’m very lucky to have them and I hope they have a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you all who have been guests on my blog and opened my eyes to some great book. I’ve really enjoyed having you and I hope the coming year brings more reading and writing for us all.


Merry Christmas Everyone.

I hope you all have a magical one with lots of love and joy.

May the New Year bring more adventures and lovely moments.

Best Wishes




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