Today I’m Very Excited to be Interviewing Lulu Allison About her New Novel Twice the Speed of Dark.

Today I’m very excited to be interviewing Lulu Allison

Welcome Lulu,  please tell us a little about yourself and yourself and Novel.

I am an artist turned writer. I started my first book in 2014 and this month it was, to my delight, published by Unbound.

What inspired you to write this novel?

Curiosity about the way we react to stories, the way we feel empathy. I wanted to know if we could or should care about the deaths of distant people, of people whose lives are a mystery. I think, in conclusion, that we should but at the same time, we can’t because it is too grueling.

Do you like to write on a computer, dictate or longhand?

Computer. I use Scrivener, because I like being able to see everything at once.

Is there a message in your novel that you hope reader grasp?

Twice the Speed of Dark started at the time of the Boston marathon bombing as an art project. It began with a question: Why did the news offer reasons to care about victims of the Boston bombing but didn’t give even the names of those who died in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why are some victims unseen and others offered up for public grieving? In response to this question I began what was at first an art project, writing portraits of the nameless victims in the news. During this time, I was going down the escalator in Victoria underground and I looked at the people going up the other way and felt a sudden surge of love or empathy for them – they would be the ordinary people killed in terror attacks, all of them would have complex, beautiful lives. That is why I turned the project into a book – to explore that further. So, it may not be exactly a message, more like drawing attention to something that seemed beautiful or important to me, to see how others would respond. The book grew into something different over the time I wrote it, but that is what is at its core.

Do you have a specific writing style? If so tell us about it.

I don’t feel accustomed enough to writing to know how to answer this. I am sure I do have a style, but I personally don’t know how to even see it, let alone describe it! I hope it will develop as I go.

Tell us what your muse looks like in three words?

Epic, ancient, wise

Are you a planner or write as you go writer?

Both, sometimes.

What are your current projects you are working?

I am writing a second novel called, provisionally, Wetlands. It is about connection to the land, a man in prison and the way different states or circumstances bleed into each other.

What’s have you found to be the most enjoyable part of writing a novel?

Turning thinking and wonder and curiosity into something.

Do you have any advice for writer out there that are writing their novel at this very moment?

Only this – do it. Find a way and do it. Good, bad, indifferent – do it. There is no magic answer that will make it work. There is only the work. But that is a wonderful thing.

Thank-you very much …… for doing this interview, it has been a pleasure to hear about your novel and writing. I for one can’t wait to read your next novel. I wish you all the luck with all your writing projects.

Thank you too, Katrina

Author Bio 
Lulu Allison has spent most of her life as a visual artist. She attended Central St Martin’s School of Art then spent a number of years travelling and living abroad. Amongst the bar-tending and cleaning jobs, highlights of these years include: in New Zealand, playing drums for King Loser and bass for Dimmer. In Germany, making spectacle hinges in a small factory and nearly designing the new Smurfs. In Amsterdam painting a landmark mural on a four storey squat. In Fiji and California, teaching scuba diving.
After a decade of wandering, she returned to the UK, where she had two children and focused on art. She completed a fine art MA and exhibited her lens-based work and site-specific installations in group and solo shows.
In 2013 what began as an art project took her into writing and she unexpectedly discovered what she should have been doing all along.
Twice the Speed of Dark is her first book. She is currently writing a second, called Wetlands.


   Where you can buy Twice The Speed Of Dark.

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Twitter @LRAllison77


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