My Review of A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.The Amazing True Story of One Man And His Cat.  

My Review of

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.

The Amazing True Story of One Man And His Cat.

My lovely boyfriend sent me the book: A Street Cat Named Bob. I found this true story inspiring and captivating and hard to put down. James Bowen is a man who has faced hard times on the streets of London, but all that changes when he meets his companion, a ginger cat named Bob. This book was full of emotion and showed what friendship can do for a person.

The story itself follows James Bowen as he enters a drug rehabilitation program. He’s been moved off the street and now has a small flat of his own. However, one day while heading home with his friend Belle he comes across a ginger cat laying on the doormat of someone’s flat. Soon James finds that the ginger cat is homeless and so he takes him in temporarily. But the ginger cat-whom James called Bob had other ideas. Will Bob stick around forever? Follow the life adventures of James and Bob in this book.

I loved the quote about chance in this book. James had had chances just like any other, but it takes courage and a change of purpose to make a chance work. Bob was that purpose for James. Ever since Bob became a part of his family he helped James first by giving him trust and company on the streets while James was selling: The Big Issue or basking with his guitar. 

It also struck me while James had been without Bob he’d been invisible. No one talked to him or treated him with kindness. But Bob made him visible again, he brought people to him with his enchanting ways and by doing so Bob opened conversation for James and others to know each other however brief that may be. Bob also opened the hearts of passersby and soon they were showing the kind side of humanity.  In some ways there is a lesson in this book- if we all see each other as equal then maybe we’d all get a chance to show our hearts, even to a stranger.

I also liked how James recounted his time on the streets and how hard it is for someone to live homeless and the hardship of being around all different people who are homeless and having problems with drug and alcohol etc… Also that how horrible it feels to have others’ look at you like you’re nothing.

I found this book to be emotional and touching, inspiring and thought-provoking all at the same time. So if you want to read a true story that will leave you with warmth in your heart and an understanding on how an unconditional love can change a person’s life for the better then you must surely try A Street Cat Named Bob.


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