My Review of Seduced by Mind Tricks author Anna Shenton

My Review of

Seduced by Mind Tricks author Anna Shenton

I really enjoyed this book. Lizzie and Rueben are both fascinating characters. I thought the author did a great job at creating tension between these two characters as Rueben tries to convince Lizzie to join his business. I also think this story keeps you guessing about Rueben’s intention towards Lizzie.

The story itself follows Lizzie as she boards a ship to London to find her brother. However, while on board she comes across a hot but arrogant man who is well travelled and not used to the word no. However, a turn of fate lands Lizzie in the company of Rueben for much longer than she’d like. Will Rueben turns out to be a creepy travel companion? Or is there more to him than his need for Lizzie in his life? Read this book to find out.

I found Rueben a bit of a love-hate hottie, who would likely rub a woman up the wrong way. But he also has a kind heart and is a bit of a romantic. I loved Lizzie’s character; she is strong-minded and wants to stand on her own feet.

I also thought the storyline was gripping and a bit steamy in places, perfect for a winter’s night in bed with a hot chocolate and the lights down. The climax was unexpected but a perfect way to end such a great read…

If you like character-driven stories, with a plot that is gripping, steamy and full of surprises then, you’d not mind curling up with Seduced by Mind Tricks by Anna Shenton, this winter.








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