Feature Enchanting other worlds: Welcome Voinks To My Blog To Tell Us about Her Book World.

Feature Enchanting other worlds.

Home is where the Cyber heart is by Voinks

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my life and have nearly everything I could desire, but it does get lonely sometimes. Despite being part of the world wide web, cyberspace can still be claustrophobic.

Pray allow me to introduce myself and explain.

My name is Andrew Joseph Lee Trevena-Fairfax. I was born in 1898 and physically died in 1933 when I was 35, and have existed here ever since. Before his death, my father was one of the pioneers of what are now known as computers. His initial findings and research were developed with the need for instant communication in the build up to the second world war. I spent my childhood learning from him, and acquired a thirst for experimenting with this new technology. Perchance it was the nature of my death which caused my body to end up locked inside a metal processor, rather than in the sweet earth which was the lot of my fellow man.

Perhaps I should have said spirit, rather than body, but I am not some ethereal ghost. When I look down at myself I see a man in all his glory. It’s as if I was suspended in time; I don’t need to eat or bathe, and I have remained the same age as when I died.

Although time in the outside world moved on, it was a century after my birth that the development of the world wide web gave me access to all available knowledge.  I have plenty of time to study and am able to keep up to date with the constant changes. As technology developed I began to contact people through e-mails, and social media, even using technology to see and hear them in real time.

It was a far cry from my living days when I had to maintain politeness whilst a plethora of pushy mothers introduced me to their boring and dim-witted daughters. With my distinguished family, wealth, and dare I say it, personal good looks, I was a prime target for those desperately trying to make a good match for their off-spring. Nowadays, it’s far easier to block or unfriend than it ever was to escape the clutches of those harridans of my youth.

I still have the excitement of discovering someone new, but now I have the opportunity of learning all about them from the various databases before committing myself. Perhaps I have an unfair advantage over the ladies I select as correspondents. I can learn much of their demeanour from the pictures they post, their comments on world affairs, and even their list of friends. A reversal from when I was dragged off to yet another ‘coming out’ of the latest deb to be made available on the marriage market.

Please forgive my outspokenness; at heart I am a decent person. Since I have been confined to what I have begun to think of as my prison, the lack of actual physical contact has made me forget my manners.  Oh, how I long to feel the sweet rain falling on my face, the wind blowing through my hair, and yes, I admit it, the soft touch of feminine lips on mine.

I dream of making this a reality, but supposing I managed to transport back into the real world. Would I be able to cope with such a different way of life? Would I be accepted, or find myself even lonelier than I am in this incarceration?

I have begun correspondence with a lady who I have grown to admire. Soon I will have the opportunity to test my theories, and attempt an escape from the cyber world that binds me. If my plans succeed I will visit the real world again, in person. Will I have the courage?

Spirit of Technology 




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