My Review of Hunters Moon by Lynda Renham

My Review of

Hunters Moon by Lynda Renham

Hunters Moon is an eerie story from start to finish. I found the twists and turn interesting and enjoyed meeting the residents of the village. I also loved the spooky happenings in the house. I could just picture a huge old house with lots of history.

This book does contain adult themes, such as miscarriages and sex scenes.

The story itself follows Adam and his wife Flora as they look into buying a house called Hunters Moon. But from the moment they view the house Adams’ wife feels a spooky presence that makes her uneasy about buying the place. However, Adam doesn’t take a breath and snapped up the house there and then. Did something more sinister happen there before they arrived? Will something terrible happen to the couple once they start living there? Read this story to find out.

I found the villagers to be really interesting and engaging characters, especially Seth and Art Mitchell. I think both characters added something different to this story amidst the other characters that lived in the village.

Seth is a mute who the villagers look at as a bit backwards, but to him, this has its advantages because they say things around him and he gets to hear many of the secrets and going on. Is he the key to what happened in Hunters moon?

Art Mitchell is a farmer. He has a cute dog and is a down to earth guy. Flora becomes his friend very easily and he tries to help her uncover the mystery of Hunters Moon.

Hunters Moon reminded me a bit of the movie Hush or TheUninvited because the book has a very similar feel to it and the ending is rather surprising.

Hunters Moon has a lot to offer to readers who enjoys thrillers with a supernatural feel. This book takes you on a twisted journey with lots of spookiness goings on and some emotional scenes in which you won’t know who is doing right and who is doing wrong.  I would say this is a good book to read over Halloween, so why not move into Hunters Moon, follow the characters in the village and discover exactly what dark deeds really happened inside that house.


Hunters Moon, set in the little English village of Penlyn, promises to be the dream home for Flora and Adam McIntosh. Adam’s career in politics has taken a turn for the better and the only thing left to complete the couple’s happiness is a baby. Flora believes the new home will help her overcome a recent miscarriage but she soon realises the house is not all it seems. What are the villagers of Penlyn hiding and does Hunters Moon hold a dark secret? Flora soon finds herself entrapped in a web of deceit with no one to turn to. Her dream home becomes her nightmare as Flora fears for her life.

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The paperback will be available on 30th September.


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