My Review of Love Unlimited Anthology

My Review of

Love Unlimited Anthology

I enjoyed reading the many short stories from a variety of different authors in Love Unlimited Anthology. I think this book has something for everyone.  It has love, kindness and self discovery for some characters too.

I felt the anthology was well presented and easy to read in a short time. I loved all the stories for different reasons, but the three stories that stuck in my mind are In Her Space, The Shinning Girl and Love Letters to the Universe.

In Her Space by Geralyn Corcillo

In Her Space is about a sixty-four year old woman, who has become a bit of a recluse and live quite happily alone where she feels safe. However, she knows there is someone who sleeps under her house. Both are invisible to each other. Will they meet? Or will they remain like ships in the night that never crosses each other’s path Read this story to find out.

I found this story emotional and well written, but at the same time full of human kindness.

Love Letters to the Universe by Bryana Beecham.

Love Letters to the Universe is about Ursla, who falls in love with a work colleague and begins to write letters and leave them secretly. She fantasizes about them meeting for a date, about what their life might be like. But will her letters ever get to her secret crush? Will he fall for her heart-felt letters and agree to take her on a date? Follow this story to find out.

I thought this was a lovely story with a fantasy feel to it. I think anyone who has ever written a love letter to someone they feel strongly for will connect to this story.

The Shining Girl by Anne Hamilton    

The Shining Girl is about Caroline, who made it through a cyclone and goes in search for the man she once loved. But on her way she meets a man who come across like a guide in a time when she felt as though she’s going crazy. Will she find the man she once loved? Or does fate have something different in store for her? Give this story a read to find out.

I really enjoyed this story because in some ways it feels magical when Caroline is talking to the man she meets in India. He in himself is kind of worldly and mystical and shows his kindness and helps her find the right path.

There are many other great must read stories in this book. So if you like stories full of love, hope and kindness, you’ll enjoy this anthology.




2 thoughts on “My Review of Love Unlimited Anthology

  1. Katrina M. Hart, Thank you for this wonderful review – I am so happy you enjoyed the anthology. I love the way you have described my story In Her Space and I am so delighted you connected with it. Thank you so much for this blog post and for sharing your joy in books with all your fans and readers.

    • Hi Geralyn,

      I really did enjoy the anthology and your story In Her Space. It really stayed with me after reading it. Best of luck with the anthology and your future projects.

      All the best.

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