Two year old Roseanna and My Thoughts on The Fox in the Box by Amanda Gee

Two year old Roseanna and My thoughts on 

The Fox in the Box by Amanda Gee

I read The Fox in the box to my 2 year old niece Roseanna, who really enjoyed the images of the fox and other animals. She loved the rhyme running through the book about how the fox went in search of his missing mummy and daddy.

This was her thoughts on the book.  ”The fox was really cute. Roseanna liked the big house the fox went into. The fox hides in his box house so it doesn’t rain on him. Rosanna said she was sad he lost his mommy and daddy.”

I think this book is lovely for adults and young children to read together, with beautiful images for children to look at and express their feelings over and it is a nice read for a bedtime story.

If you and your little ones want to find out if Mr Fox found his family, read this book together with your little ones.


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