My Review of The Tree of Rebels Author Chantelle Atkins

My Review of

The Tree of Rebels Author Chantelle Atkins

Wow The Tree of Rebels is a must read. I found this book emotional, gripping and beautiful in places. I enjoyed following Lissie and Ned into the unknown, as they discover a truth that changes their lives forever.

The book itself is about Lissie as she’s coming of age to stand on her own feet in province 5, where Lissie and her and her family live. unlike the old world there are not dogs in province 5. Lissie is used to this life and has a beautiful relationship with her grandmother who is the only one who remember life before province 5. However, one day Lissie sees a dog that leads her to a world beyond what she knows.  Lissie’s grandmother give her a diary so she too can be as wise. Will Lissie discover there is more than she has been shown? Will she be able to go back to life as she knows it after what she finds? Or will she become a rule breaker and fight against what she’s grown up believing is true? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I loved the relationship between Lissie and her grandmother and how this book flips into diary entries. It give you a real sense  of both worlds. I also thought the author did a great job with her descriptions of what Lissie discovers. I could easily imagine the scenes and feeling that went with them.

I would highly recommend The Tree of Rebels if you like adventurous stories with great characters and wonderful descriptions and the scenes that will make you feel so many emotions.

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