Welcome to Enchanting Other Worlds… Starting with Finding Destiny.

Welcome to Enchanting Other Worlds…

Finding Destiny

This month I’ve decided to celebrate books that are set in future or other worldly places. I’d like to start off July’s month with my own novel Finding Destiny, where I’d love to talk a bit about the world Alex ends up in and some of the things he comes to experience.

Finding Destiny is set in the year of 2038 to a technologically-advanced, very colourful world. If you’re a first time visitor you’ll notice that there are huge computers and different coloured horses. So why not take a horse- be sure to hold on tight and ride into Quill City….

After a long journey where you’ve rode past woodlands , your hairs on your arms are raised  because you’re sure the owls have been watching you, some of them seemed to have red eyes. Soon enough you reach Quill City. Firstly you notice the lack of car fumes you’re used to, instead you get the heady smell of lavender as you dismount and wander past the sign into the hustle and bustle of men and women making their way past many shops. You stop and rub your eyes as you see robots of all different shapes and sizes following some of the people with their arms full of brightly coloured bags.

But you keep moving expecting a car or a bike to break the silence, but it never does. Soon enough you hear your tummy growling and you look around for a shop that sells food; you even brave it and ask a random stranger where you could buy a cake. However, he points you to The One Stop Capsule Shop. You look through the huge square window at the different coloured capsules and walked inside. Here you notice all your favorite food no- longer looks like food, but different coloured tiny capsules. You leave without trying and bump into a young girl emerging out of a swirling hole, but before you can ask questions she marches up the street where she is quickly pulled away from a shop that has Mommy’s Little Darlings written in big pink letters.

You rub your eyes because you saw the door handle smiling as it opened. You turn away and head back to your horse, this is enough for today, but before you make it an elderly woman hands you a heavy book and convinces you to read it by moonlight. You over hear a young woman telling off her friend for opening the book -claiming it will suck them inside. You shake your head thinking books can’t really suck you in, can they?

Soon enough you’ve got back to your horse and you ride back the way you came trying to make sense of the place you’ve just landed into….

Read Finding Destiny to explore more of this world and characters. I think it’s the magic of reading and writing- being able to transport into worlds far away from our real life. I’m hoping to make this a monthly feature on my blog so do keep an eye out for other worlds from other books told by other authors.


Also if you have something you’d love to see in a new world or a rule you’d put in another world if you were able to then feel free to share in the comment box. 



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