My Review of One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley

My Review of

One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley

Wow this is such a beautiful book. I wanted to read this book after hearing about One Million lovely Letters on a bbc1 documentary. I’m really glad I did. Jodi is a very inspirational person with a talent for creating beautifully written heartfelt letters that touch people’s hearts across the world.

One Million lovely Letters is about a young lady called Jodi, in her 20’s. When she got bitten by a tick and contracted a serious brain infection it changed the course of her life forever. But Jodi turned her illness into something beautiful when she set up a blog asking if anyone would like her to write them a letter telling them how amazing they are. She has a goal to write one million letters. So far she has written to people all over the world spreading hope and kindness to those who need it most at a stressful time in their lives.

I also loved how this book talks of how the little things can help when you’re having a bad time or you’re unwell, such as letters from a stranger, or a message that pulls you back from the brink of ending it all. I’m sure a lot can relate to pets making us feel better at one time or the other. Also I loved reading some of the beautiful letters Jodi had sent to people and how just a few words made their day a bit brighter. how special is that?

Jodi talks about people paying it forward by either writing letter themselves for others or even to oneself which can be equally helpful. I also think it’s interesting how she talks about self imposed rule, like not talking to strangers on a bus or asking people if they would like a letter for fear of getting a negative response, but her letter and the way she’s brightened so many people’s live proves just once in awhile if we set aside those rule and fears we can make the world a beautiful place.

I found this book very inspiring and it has a strong message. We all need reminding we can climb mountain and move stars or just get out of bed and see the sunrise because we are strong and amazing people. But sometimes it takes a stranger or loved one to put those words down for us and show kindness. Also if more people just wrote one letter to a stranger and of course loved ones to tell them how special they are wouldn’t the world be a magical place?

This book really made me to want write more letters or little stories to friends and even to people I don’t know if come across someone who I can send a little letter too. I think anyone who reads about Jodie, her letters and little kind notes she leaves places can’t help but want to grab a pen and paper or their laptop and pay it forwards by writing one themselves and spread the love.

As a writer myself I really see how words can help, not just myself, but to those around me. When my Nan was dying of cancer she disclosed that the things that kept her going was my stories and the letters she got from special people.

I can’t recommend this book enough -why not give it a read and feel inspired by Jodi’s stories and letters. Then see if you can write a letter or note to someone who needs cheering up, whether that be someone you know or not. I know I ‘m going to.

Also you can check out her website at:

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