My Review The Whimsicals: The Wonky Wingmen by Mr Bohemian.

My Review

The Whimsicals: The Wonky Wingmen

by Mr Bohemian.

This was a very interesting read in play form about angels and demons set in a fantasy heaven. There are 3 plays..

The plays are well written and put together, which make them easy to follow. This was something I really enjoyed about Mr Bohemian plays. Also in some places the characters in the plays are rather funny.

The first one was about angels on an avenge workday trying to spread help to mortals and convince them to stay on the right path.

The second is about temptation and being convinced to do something  forbidden. In this case the Angel Eve was told not to eat the apple off the tree or she would die. Does the Angel succumb? What happens if she does? You’ll have to read this play to find out.

The third was about pet and there angelic owner on a talk show, where the pets get to air their annoyance to their owner.

I liked third play the most because it was witty and in some places made me laugh. If you like fantasy writing with angels and demons, witty dialogues with light hearted religious  themes as a center point of the stories, you should give this book a try.

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