The Tiger story by Voinks.

The Tiger story by Voinks.

I once lived in a very hot place. Food became scarcer as our habitat was destroyed, and my family ventured nearer the humans to hunt when our bellies were empty.

Being young and inexperienced I got caught, and although I fought they overpowered me. I felt a sting and then I slept. When I woke it was a lot colder and I was trapped in a small cage with people staring at me. I tried to escape but there was nowhere to go and the ground was hard and uncomfortable. They gave me food but I could no longer feel the rain or the sun on my back, and the smell of humans was overpowering. I had nothing to do except pace up and down and I became frustrated, longing for freedom to roam.

Some moons later a man pointed a gun through the bars; I felt a dart pierce my skin and I fell asleep. This time when I woke it was in a different place. Although I was still caged the scent of humans was not so strong, and I could even detect others of my own kind, although I could not see them.

A woman brought me meat every day, but I had no freedom to hunt for myself. At least it was quieter, and I could sense grass and wetlands not far away. I was still restricted but my new home was larger, and more comfortable. After a few days part of the wire door was raised, and I saw something in the distance which reminded me of my former home. Was it a trap?

Venturing out I discovered an area with trees and shrubs where I could ramble and relax in the sunshine. When I got hungry I noticed the cage door had been left open, and inside was a chunk of meat. Should I give up my freedom and be fed, or stay outside and starve? I chose the food, but as I began my meal the door slammed shut behind me. Once again I was trapped.

As I paced, the young woman came and spoke to me through the wire. I didn’t understand her words but her voice was soft and her scent was gentle. The next morning the cage door was open and once again I was free. This time I stayed outside for a few days until the enticing lure of food brought me back near the cage. The girl was there encouraging me but once I was inside the door slammed shut.

This became the pattern until I began to understand she meant me no harm, and even if I was locked up overnight each new day restored my freedom. I learnt to trust her and even now I am full-grown we still share a hug, although I have to be careful as she is so fragile.

When I became too old to roam she took me to her home. Now I sit and keep her company as she writes her books. My name is Raj and this is my story.


ABC Destiny



Spirit of Technology





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