Cats… by Patricia Asedegbega


For some reason they cause a lot of controversy and with them emotions are taken to the extreme; I find people either hate or love them. I also find the eternal debate between cat and dog lovers quite interesting and in order to commemorate my pet; I´d like to share this little write –up that I hope can bring if not understanding about cats; a smile to the reader´s face.

First of all, I´d like to introduce my cat and helper in this little post. I was looking into getting a cat and had already spoken to a breeder to get a little Ragdoll kitten that was due to be given to me five months later when a friend of mine came across an add on facebook asking for someone to give a cat a home. I looked at the computer screen and found myself staring at the massive frame of a blue British Shorthair cat. Yes I had wanted a cat but I had gotten used to the idea of a playful little kitten that would run around and get into all sorts of mischief and this adult cat just looked like it was what we fondly call “ a couch potato”…how wrong I was. Apparently, his owner got a new girlfriend that made him choose between the cat and her…in my humble opinion; he made the wrong choice.

So that is how Merlin Mojito came into my life when he was almost three and now six years later, I can´t imagine life without him. So here are a few complaints non-cat lovers have, that I hope I can add my little two cents to and help clarify.

Cats are independent- Yes they are to a degree…but why is that a negative trait? We humans have different behavior patterns, some of us are shy, some bold, some talkative, some clingy, some independent…diversity is the spice of life; so why can´t we accept that the same goes in the animal kingdom. Merlin is independent; he knows when he wants company, when he wants to be held, when he wants to be left alone, when he wants to be cuddled and when he´s had enough and he can be grumpy but I love the fact that he can be himself and does not feel the need to pretend.

Cats are not loyal- Now this is just not true. Again it is unfair to compare the behavior of one animal species with another (this is one complaint dog lovers have when they refer to dogs being man´s best friend), they just have a different way of showing their loyalty. Merlin for example follows me around the house, sometimes I leave a room and he comes running behind. This is a quality I find most endearing. He is great company as he always seems to be around even when it is a few meters away when I´m cooking (my clever boy knows it is not always a safe environment to stay too close to me in). There are countless stories about cats that have saved their owners from harm (A very famous Youtube video comes to mind now). Merlin can seem aloof but he is very alert and watches everything going on.

Cats are unpredictable and can bite or scratch out of the blue- It is true that cats can be very fast using their claws and teeth and that a number of people seem to have childhood memories that have scarred them for life but when you get to know them you know when to touch them and you read the signs. Merlin is a grumpy old cat and he has very little patience but I know when he has had enough and I back off, also sometimes they are just being playful and take things too far but we love them and understand.

Ooops…I´ve gone way past my word count but I just wanted to say that I think we´d enjoy our pets more if we just loved them for what they are and not expect them to be like the previous pet we had or the neighbour´s dog. I love the fact that Merlin is independent, he can´t be manipulated (but has me eating out of his paw), he is very opinionated (will not eat or do anything he feels will not agree with him), is grumpy…because that is what makes him special and unique. On the other hand, he waits for me to get back from work, he is a purring machine, he comes often to visit me wherever I am, makes me laugh with his crazy antics…I´m so glad I overcame my reserves, went to see him at his foster home and adopted him.


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2 thoughts on “Cats… by Patricia Asedegbega

  1. I have to say I have a dog, Ive always had dogs because I like to walk with my pet. But cats are fantastic magical creatures and I have no problem with cats its the owners. The ones who leave them to be killed on fast roads, to be poisoned by anti freeze, to poo in neighbours gardens, to be exposed to disease, to accept no responsibilty. People say cats are selfish creatures I dont agree , I think its humans who are selfish.

    • Hi Debarah,

      I’m glad you have a dog to take nice walks with again. I think all animals are lovely in there own way, and owners should look after them and do everything they can to protect them from danger or harm. I love cats and dogs we’ve always had them in our family and both can bring lots of joy and love and their needs must met.

      I don’t think cats are selfish, in-fact Smokey didn’t leave my mums side when she lost Jessie for weeks, refused to go in the garden and would just lay with her giving her comfort.

      What did you call your lovely dog?

      I hope you’re having a lovely week.

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