Carlos and Harvey Make a Birthday Card for Smokey and Holly by Vittoria.

Carlos and Harvey make a birthday card for Smokey and Holly

Katie’s two kitties Holly and Smokey are soon having their birthdays! This means that us kitty friends Carlos and Harvey will make a wonderful card for them! We’ll show you how to make a nice card cat style.

1.       Decorate with thick big pen

Thick big pen are available at many stores that sell small thin pens and evil staplers. These pens come in many different colours – Harvey chose green for Smokey and a red pink for Holly! Put these in front of you so you know where they are.

Carlos (left) is not happy with the colour choice.​ Harvey project manager (right) has reassured him that everything will be okay.

2. Draw “Happy Birthday”

Now draw in big letters “Happy Birthday”. This means that it is a Birthday card. Carlos still disagrees with the colour choice and thinks it should be blue.

3. Decorating

To the make the card look like a party, draw big balloons! Make these balloons different colours. This post not sponsored by that pencil brand.

4. Write birthday card message

This card is for Holly and Smokey so we make sure it has their name and nice message to our best friends! We wish Smokey and Holly a wonderful birthday!

5. Decorate inside of card

To decorate the inside of card, wez drew portraits of Smokey and Holly! Harvey signed the page with a big kiss! Pencils can be sometimes hard to grip.

6. Send card to the editor

To check for unsightly error, Carlos the editor edits the card over weeks to make sure nothing went wrong.

Hard work is hard work.

7. Finished!

The finished card is finally finished!

Dear Smokey & Holly,

We wished you the finest birthdays of all that ever happened.

We wish you lots of wrapped presents and them wrapped in nice paper.

Lots of love from,

Carlos and Harvey

We thanks Katie for having us on her blog to celebrate our friends’ birthdays!

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