Happy Birthday My Dear 9 Years Old Smokey.

Happy Birthday my dear 9 years old Smokey.

Smokey has always been an adventurous kitten. He learnt to hiss before he could meow and knew just how to use his claws. However, he soon found out that some of his adventures didn’t always lead him down the path of safe fun, like when he got stuck up in the dryer pipe and had to cut out of it or when he jumped at an unopened window.

But as he grew up he began to foster a beautiful relationship with our dog Jessica. He would play with her and sometimes snoozed with her. But one of the funniest things he used to do was treat her with her treats. It was such a lovely sight: Jessie sitting by the table looking up at him and Smokey with his head in her treat box putting out one of her bone biscuits in his month and dropping it down to her. I think that was one of the sweetest and funniest moments of watching Smokey.

Smokey also loves his outside life- rolling about in the sun and sitting on his favourite spot on the wall around our back garden watching the world go by and sometimes even running about in the winter snow.  However, if he’s caught out in the rain he looks like a vexed cat,, shaking his head as he runs inside. Once he’s inside he loves nothing more than eating Dreamies and hiding and randomly jumping out on anyone who’s passing by.

Smokey loves his toys. With love I mean, he loves to bite claw and go a bit crazy at all his toys, but there is one Mr Turkey toy that he loves the most and no matter how bad he damaged it he refuses to let me throw it in bin. So needle and cotton is always needed to try and patch the poor toy up.

Smokey can be grumpy at times and even has a liking for actively skypeing my boyfriend on my tablet, especially when I’m having a little sing song hehe!! Then he likes to just sit and look at my boyfriend for a while  until it’s time for him to go to sleep on his cat tree and wait for Holly to come and tap him awake with her paws.

However, these last two weeks my boyfriend came down for a visit and Smokey was very surprised to see him. He first beat up his bag and then we got him treats – a new stick one and my boyfriend got him some birthday toys and soon enough he  was jumping all over my boyfriend deciding he was great fun and playing with his new toy.

I think one of the lovely things about Smokey now that he’s  older is  he likes to come curl up on my lap and listen to me read or just pat his ears while he purrs. But there are moments where his timing is way too perfect, like when I was reading 3Sisters, a book that I was so forced on the storyline that when Smokey decided to knock over something on my table. I jumped with my heart pounding. He looked very pleased with himself and then came to listen to the story. I think this was his favourite book as he got to have his kitty fun. So I’m adding a link to 3Sisters at the bottom of this post.

Time goes fast and there are many memories I could share about Smokey, but that would take me years, so all that I want to say is “Have a purrfect birthday Smokey.”



Thank you to all who have share memories of their own pets to help Smokey celebrate his birthday.


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