Happy Birthday My Dear  9 Years Old Holly


Happy Birthday my dear 9 Years Old Holly

Holly was a very cute and fluffy kitten, but also very shy of humans. The first night she spent in our home she flattened herself into a kerplunk game box. However, soon enough she was snuggling up with me and looking much happier. Soon after getting settled in our home, she met her playmate Smokey and they soon became fast friends, curling up in their cat bed together and eating out from each other’s bowl. It was really lovely to see them getting along so well.

One day, a few months after having Holly in our family, my mum was talking and waving at Holly who was perched on the kitchen table keenly watching my mum  and then all of a sudden Holly decided to stand on her back legs and wave her paws at my mum, making this cute meow sound. Ever since when we wave at Holly, she waves back at us.


We have found that Holly has a favourite colour when she began playing with her red toy mice, Smokey soon figured out this toy along with anything red will not be shared by Holly as she started hiding them underneath my wardrobe, along with anything red that she could take or get her paws on to either hide or push down the stairs to play with.

Holly loves to sit on the window sill and watch the world go by. She also loves watching the cats that come into our garden to see her. She often plays with my wind chime hanging from the window until she curls up for sleep.

Holly has grown up so much and when my boyfriend visited these last two weeks she loved him, she rubbed her head against him and she let him feed her lot and lots of treats. Then she played with his bag strap and shared one of her red toys with him and loved her toy he got her for her birthday and enjoyed cuddles with him too. She became fast friends with him.

Even through Holly is a house cat, she loves to go outside  on her harness  especially in summers and eat grass and play with Smokey if he’s lurking around. Holly also finds snow rather exciting and has ventured out to see why the garden has turned white. But mostly she enjoys being home with all her cat comforts.


Holly loves to jump on me when I’m snoozing and pat me, giving me a cat massage before curling up and snoozing on top of me. She is a real snuggle cat and seems to be a thinker. She’ll often come and watch my boyfriend do his studies and make cute meow noises.

Holly also loves to jump on my computer when I’m writing my novels. When I wrote Finding Destiny thought-out the chapter there was Holly’s random letters that she’d added. It was funny when going over the first draft and finding all Holly random letters.  Holly also loves to be read too when curling up with me. She was the first one to hear Finding Destiny read out loud which seemed to make her purr and move and tilt her head as if she was listening and thinking.

Holly has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat and she is very cute and expressive. Have a catastic Birthday my sweet Holly.


Thank you to all who have share memories of their own pets to help Holly celebrate her birthday.











7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Dear  9 Years Old Holly

  1. Katrina I think it’s wonderful that you have included your pets into your blog. I had to smile at the thought of Holly waving to you.. I have always had dogs and I can see by the way you write that your cats are as special to you as my dogs are to me. After we lost Benny (aged 15 ) last year I wrote a blog about him and pet loss in general in response to some of the remarks I received from well meaning but insensitive people. Its called Not a pair of shoes http://writerdeborahallen.wixsite.com/author-site/blog

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks, how could I not they are a huge part of my life. Holly is funny when she waves, she also uses this cute talent to her advantage if she wants something he he!!Dogs are so special too, we’ve to always had a dog in our house up until Jessie passed away just before Christmas.

      I can tell your dogs are very special to you too. I’m really sorry to hear cutie Benny passed away last year. (((hugs))) I enjoyed your blog post about him and seeing his lovely photos. I can tell he was a special friend. xxx I thought your post was informative too.

      I also enjoyed your other posts following your blog now thanks for sharing the link with me.

      Take care of yourself.

    • Thank Kendra, Holly is a lovely cat and funny to at times. Today she was trying to get a small spider and meowing loudly when it got away.
      I hope you’re well.

  2. Hi Katie,

    It was lovely reading about Holly! 😀 Do send her my birthday hugs ❤ . It's very true that cats change and become more cuddly after they get to know you. Photos are very sweet.

    Hope you've been having a nice week,


    • Hi Vittoria,

      Thanks Hun, I sent her a birthday cuddle from you. 🙂 It is true they do become more cuddle like. They are especially he one with her and my boyfriend, she really liked him a lot when he visited.

      I hope you are having a nice weekend.

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