My Review of Perfect Summer by Author Karen King

My Review of

Perfect Summer by Author Karen King

Wow what a book! I spend the night reading Perfect Summer after being inspired by author Karen’s reason for writing this book. It’s an emotional and chilling story about perfection at the extreme end of the line. Where the world doesn’t want those who are different, instead they want to change them as soon as possible into a perfect human with perfect family and a perfect life.

The story itself follows Morgan, Summer and Jamie. Morgan lives with her parents and her brother Josh who has down’s syndrome. Her parents love them both very much, but are being hounded to put him into a home because he doesn’t fit in a perfect world. Whereas her friend Summer seems to have it all, perfect parent and a rich life. However, one day Josh is kidnapped and Morgan soon finds out after meeting Jamie that her brother was not the only one. Will Jamie and Morgan find out what happened to Josh? Will they ever see him again? Read this book to find out.

I loved Josh’s character. I could just picture him while reading this book. I also thought Author Karen did a great job at highlighting what the need to be perfect could turn our world into. Also  how important it is to be yourself and not let other find problems with you or your loved one, to the point it makes you chance because it’s socially expected.

Also, I found this book very gripping and emotional as well as chilling. Sometimes I could feel myself go cold when reading some of the scenes. I also thought the end was very emotional, unexpected and fitted this story perfectly.

I would recommend Perfect Summer if you enjoy books with a very strong storyline with great characters that you’ll want to travel with until the very end. Go check out this book.

Link to Perfect Summer


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