My Review of Spirit of Technology by Voinks

My Review of 

Spirit of Technology by Voinks

Wow what a story- I spent an hour reading Spirit of Technology this morning after coming across the book  last night. I loved how it was written. As a reader you get the real sense of when  people receive a mysterious email that takes them on a journey that at times make you think, come on listen your  gut and run away from these emails.

The story itself follows a modern woman as she logs in to her computer and receives an email from a mystery man called Andy. He claims to be from 1998 and starts revealing personal things about her life. Is this a prank gone too far? Or does Andy have other motives of making himself a part of her life? Read this gripping story to find out.

I loved how author Voinks captured the feel of fear and wonderment of receiving a strange message from an unknown stranger, but she also really gets into the mindset of the sender. I also found myself giggling when reading some parts of this story.

The end was really special and kinda felt a bit emotional and unexpected.

I would recommend Spirit of Technology if you love quirky and gripping stories with an unexpected and fulfilling ending. Give this book a try.

Link to Spirit of Technology


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