My Review of ABC-Destiny by Author Voinks

My Review of

ABC-Destiny by Author Voinks

ABC-Destiny can be read in an hour,  perfect if you only have a short time to read a book. I loved this story because the characters were  very different and enjoyable to follow and the storyline was well put together and was rather emotional and gripping  at the same time.

The story itself follows three girls Abigail, Beatrice, Cecelia each with a different background  as they take you through a day in their lives. What is the true story? Will there be a happier ending for all concerned?  Read this gripping story to find out.

I thought author Voinks did a great job in bringing out the different personalities in all her character, which made them easy to imagine and engaging to read about. I also thought Delphine and Frank’s story was really well written and I found myself very quickly emerged into their story.

I also found Delphine’s father figure in the book rather creepy, which  gave this story a rather eerie feel that added layers of  mystery and emotions of the story.

The end was surprising and didn’t disappoint at all. I will be keeping an eye out for other books written by the author in future,

I would recommend ABC-Destiny if you like character-driven books with a great storyline underneath. Why not give this book a try.

Here is the link to ACB-Destiny

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