My Review of The Advent Calendar by Author Paula Harmon.

My Review of

The Advent Calendar by Author Paula Harmon.

I loved The Advent Calendar, a book of Christmas themed stories for all ages and perfect to read on the lead up to Christmas with the whole family. Two of my favorite stories in this book are: Angels and Stocking. Angels is a short but powerful story that  has a very strong message underneath that while we look at people skin deep we miss their cry for help or those moments that we could take to bring company and share human kindness. I felt in just a page this story made a connection with me. I loved  Stocking because it’s emotional and sweet and portrays how children reciprocate love to a parent who is doing his best to take care of  them.

The book consists of Christmas themed  short stories to read on the lead up to Christmas. Some of the stories are emotional and thought provoking, while others are magical and full of Christmassy sprit.  Such as Carol-Singers: in which Lee price and his gang go carol singing, but like every time they had tried to celebrate the many holidays and earn a little pocket money other children got there first. However this night was different as they sang their hearts out at Mrs Morgan’s door. After awhile she invites them in and everyone hears strange noises that seem to be coming from an old coat. What could be inside? What’s Mrs Morgan’s secret? Will children be able to help Mrs Morgan to unveil the secret? Read this book to find out.

I love how author Paula always manages to create just the right feel to her short stories and  evoke several emotions in her readers. This is another book I shall read again and share with my family at Christmas time. I also liked author’s take on some of the classics.

I would recommend The Advent Calendar if you love short stories, great characters and stories that will stick with you long after reading them. This is a perfect festive read.

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