My Review of Kindling by author Paula Harmon.

My Review of

Kindling by author Paula Harmon.

Wow! Kindling, a book of short stories is one of my favourite reads. I loved how each story was different. Some were emotional and others were magical, but all of them were gripping and enjoyable reads.  I loved Mirror Girl the most because the story felt magical. I could imagine the scene of a young girl looking at herself in her mirror and beyond her minds’ eye’ seeing someone else who felt the same once upon a time . My second favourite was Catching the Post because this story really resonated with me, I could feel the emotion and the meaning of how sometime you have to take the plunge before it’s too late and you can’t make things right.

This book  has many different short stories inside, some a page length, others longer. These stories follow many interesting  characters throughout. One such story called Kindling follows a married woman as she goes out in the middle of the night and comes across some woodland creatures. Will she give them what they ask for and make it home before daylight? You’ll have to read this book of short stories to find out.

I felt author Paula did a fantastic job in creating the right atmosphere in each of her stories. When I was reading them I went on a journey of all different emotions and feelings. I felt rather sad when my two hours of reading was up and I’d finished the book as I could have read these stories all evening.

If you like books with short stories that take you into magical journeys along with interesting characters to follow then I would highly recommend checking out this book

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