My Review of Because I Was Lonely by author Hayley Mitchell.

My Review of

Because I Was Lonely by author Hayley Mitchell.

Because I Was Lonely is a very gripping and emotional read.  I was very hooked on the characters especially Rachael and Adam.  Rachael is clearly suffering with postnatal depression and has distressing thoughts about her kids. I felt her husband was not really there for her and this made her problems so much worse. Although this book has a serious undertone, I think the characters have great personalities, which makes this book a very enjoyable read.

The story itself follows Rachel after she has her second child and she becomes overwhelmed, lonely and stuck in what seems like a loveless marriage. But she soon discovers Facebook and finds an old friend whom she begins messaging. Will this lead to something that will destroy what is left of her marriage?  Will she find this person fills the loneliness just a little too well? Read this very interesting and thought provoking  story to find out.

I thought that author Hayley did a great job at showing all side of their married life through both characters’ eyes. I also thought that the profound effect that happened when two people connect after feeling like their life has fallen apart was pretty amazing in this book. I  felt that touching on the mental health conditions of Adam and Rachael, as well as how this affected those who loved them the most was very well written.

The end had a nice little twist as  the last few chapters set your mind that the story will end one way, but then it turned to another, which make this book a page turner from beginning to end.

I would recommend this book to everyone especially if you like stories that very much move forward with the characters, and that also consist of a very interesting and gripping storyline underneath. Give Because I Was Lonely a go.

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2 thoughts on “My Review of Because I Was Lonely by author Hayley Mitchell.

  1. Hi Katie,

    It’s nice when great characters make a serious novel highly enjoyable. 🙂

    Take care,


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