My Review of Manumission Author ER Harding…

My Review of 

Manumission Author ER Harding

Wow Manumission is gripping whirlwind SI-FI, where a Metaform Corporation  set out to save people from death or illness by downloading their consciousness for centuries to come. I thought this concept was both gripping and eerie in a way, especially in scenes where people’s bodies die, leaving his/her soul storied away for when it can be downloaded. I loved Conner and Meilinn as they were unusual and interesting to follow in what felt like a very realistic world.

The story itself follows Gabriel, who under influence of alcohol dares to  confront his father, the leader of the cult . However, things go horrible wrong and a fight breaks out leading Gabriel himself to become the new leader. Following this Gabriel hatches a plan to bring down Metaform Corporation with his long standing mentor-Errik.. However, will his plans go wrong? Will he find more than they bargained for when they look into the Metaform Corporation? Read this fantastic Si-fi book to find out.

I loved how the author ER Harding was able to get across a true sense of what it was like to be stored in the hope that you’d be reunited with  your loved ones someday, even if it means leaving your human body behind. As well as how lonely it could be if you were one of the ones who were floating around trying to keep everything up and running. I also like the role of the dog in this story as he helped look for Conner. The scene made me giggle a bit. I also like that this book was a little emotional in places which helped me feel for the characters more.

I thought the end was really interesting and gripping.  I wonder if there would be a squeal at some point in the future, or it was just me hoping there would be one because I really enjoyed the storyline and characters in this book

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves SI-FI or just loves a great read, with interesting characters and a gripping storyline. Give this book a go and find out just what happens when people’s consciousness get uploaded and stored for future use

Here is the  Amazon link to Manumission

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