My Review of Where She Will Shine Author Sylvia Anderson

My Review of 

Where She Will Shine Author Sylvia Anderson

I just finished reading this book. I liked the beginning with Mary going off to college to follow her dreams, leaving her mum. I also liked getting to read about the many characters with whom Mary becomes friends with. I also thought this book has strong themes running through as well which were emotional in places. Another thing I like about this book, it was split up into many short chapter, perfect if you only have limited time to read and like to leave a book after a chapter.

The story itself follows Mary as she leaves for Collage to follow her dreams. While there she meets many interesting characters and finds herself a boyfriend in David. However this doesn’t last and one night a terrible thing happens to Mary that changes her life forever. Will she overcome the terrible incident and keep studying? Will David return to be with her? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I thought Author Sylvia did a great job in dealing with identity confusion and denial. I think everyone can relate to this in her character at one stage of or another. I also really liked Alice, she had such a turbulent life and yet she seemed to find her place in the world.

I thought the ending to this story was very moving and very reflective of the title ‘Where She Will Shine’

If you like books with great characters, and a journey of facing the future and dealing with whatever life throws in your way, with  interesting endings that  then give this book a go.

Amazon link to Where She Will Shine.

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