My Review Of Love Me Baby Author Mariyam Hasnain

My Review Of

Love Me Baby Author Mariyam Hasnain

I really enjoyed reading Love Me Baby. This short novella is really touching and has a hint of sexy romance in it. Also, I thought the scenes between Alan’s daughter and Lilly were adorable and easy to imagine- what little girl wouldn’t want her fairy to help her down on earth to find her lost puppy.

The story itself follows Lilly as she goes for a job interview  where she meets the very sexy Alan-her soon to be employer. As she  works closely with Alan, will her desire for him and their growing intimacy lead them into each other arms? Or will Alan stick with his other love interest Pixie? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I thought all the characters were interesting to read about and the ending didn’t disappoint at all. So if you like heartwarming, romantic short stories with great characters then give this story a read.

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