My Review of This Is Nowhere by Chantelle Atkins.

My Review of

This Is Nowhere by Chantelle Atkins.

Wow this story has so many layers and emotions running through the characters. I found this story emotional to read with adult themes, but written in such a way that I couldn’t help but read on and hope that Jake finds the truth that he’d longed for deep down since his mother suddenly disappeared when he was a little boy.

The story itself follows Jake as he gets a call from his Sister Gina. She demands he comes home and look after their father who is unwell. Jake doesn’t want to return to his father, to the life he’d left behind full of wondering where his mum went? And why she’d left him all those years back? But life has its way of leading him back home, but with those unanswered questions coming to light. Will Jake finally discover the honest truth? You must read this emotional journey to find out.

I loved how this story flitted from Jake as a man to his memories of his childhood, because it was really easy to picture those scenes in my mind while reading this book. Also I feel I got a greater understanding of Jakes mother and the things she’d had to face in her life, as Well as why Jake’s life turned out the way it did. I also really loved Sully: his wisdom and how even though he had not much in the world he was happy.

I thought the author Chantelle did a great job at showing, even through the darkest of time true friends can be a caring support. There were really touching moments of this throughout this book.

I would recommend this book if you like to read an emotional journey fulled with great characters and a search for the truth, a place to belong and an ending that you’ll never see coming.

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