Interview with Ben from One Endless Summer by Laurie Ellingham.

One Endless Summer.

Interview with Ben

Welcome Ben and a huge thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

1) Tell us a little about yourself. And what you are doing right now?

I’m a cameraman for Channel 6. I live in South London, but spend most of my time away from home. Right now, I’m a week into filming for a documentary called The Girl with Three Months to Live, which is being aired every Saturday. I’m the only cameraman following three girls as they travel around the world for the next three months, so there’s a lot of work involved.

2) Who are you most getting on with most on this trip?

[Laughs] Let’s just say, filming wildlife would be a lot easier! Yesterday, Jaddi likened me to an annoying older brother tagging along, which is not the worst thing I’ve been called. It’s important that I don’t get too close to the girls and become part of the story that I’m being paid to capture.

3) Who is the least favourite person in your life right now? Why?

I wouldn’t say least favourite, but between you and me, Lizzie is making my job harder than it has to be. She signed up to have the final three months of her life filmed, and yet, she’s asked me several times to make special cuts for moments she’s not wanted to share with the world. It just doesn’t work that way. This is not one of those reality soaps that you can do another take on.

4) What is it like being paid to travel the world with three girls? Sounds like a dream job.

Following three girls around in humid conditions is not my idea of a dream job! I’m sure it must look like a free holiday, but it’s not. Once the girls go to bed, I’m up until the early hours editing the day’s footage before sending it to the studio in London.

5) Did you have to learn another language to take this trip? If you did could you type a sentence in that language? 

There’s no time to learn another language at the moment. We’ll travelling so quickly that the dialect and language will change daily. We’re going to Cambodia next and I’ve memorised the basics: Saum (please), Arkoun (thank you), and of course Kahve (Coffee)

6) Have you a girlfriend back home? Or have you fallen for anyone on your trip? Tell us a bit about them.

Er …. no, no girlfriend. I’m behind the camera and away so much that relationships take a back seat.

7) What do you believe your main propose was for taking this trip? And how far will you go to achieve it?

To do my job. To capture the truth. That’s all I care about. How far will I go to get it? All the way.

8) Have you had any scary moments? Tell us what happen or why you feel like this?

Bangkok airport was a rather hairy moment, but mostly for Lizzie and the girls. It was one of the few times in my career where I’ve stepped out from behind the camera and been part of the story, but I was glad I could help.

9) What has been the highlight of your trip? What do you think when you return home will be your favourite memory?

We’re only a week into the trip at the moment, but for me, the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok’s Grand Palace was spectacular. The sights in Thailand have been breathtaking. There have been a few times when I’ve forgotten that it’s the girls I’m supposed to be filming.

10) What do you think the viewers at home will make of the documentary? It is a rather harrowing topic!     

It is, but there’s something quite special about Lizzie. She’s not sitting around waiting to die, she’s embracing life for the first time, and I think that will resonate with a lot of people at home.

 Thank you Ben for taking part in this interview. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

Thanks Katrina for having me (and Ben!).

Book Blurb: One Endless Summer

 Three best friends.

Three continents.
Three months to live.

How long can you keep a secret?

Three best friends are embarking on an all-expenses paid trip of their dreams. The only catch? Every moment will be documented on film.

Lizzie’s battle with cancer is coming to an end, and now she’s ready to embrace adventure for the very first time. There are only three months, but it is Lizzie’s time to finally start living!

Jaddi is known for her stunning looks, flirtatious attitude and many conquests. But Jaddi has a secret and on this last trip together she needs to decide whether her best friends will ever know the real her.

Samantha has always been the ‘grown up’ of the group, the one with a five-year plan. What Lizzie and Jaddi don’t know is that Sam is trapped, and her perfect life isn’t quite what it seems…

As they trek across the globe Lizzie, Jaddi and Samantha must come to terms with loss, love and trusting one another. But will it all be too late…

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