My Review Of Riverside Lane Author Ginger Black.

My Review Of

Riverside Lane Author Ginger Black.

I just finished Riverside Lane, I felt this book is very character driven, lots of characters to get to know in a small village. I really enjoyed getting to know the many secrets inside the houses of the different characters. The story is centered around Luca Tempesta, who  swaps house with Clive to escape to England, where all the drama unfolds throughout the book.

The story itself follows Luca as he gets off a plane into a sleepy village where he’s going to stay, But we soon find out it’s not all it seems as he meets the his neighbors and they begin to probe into who he is and what he’s really doing in the village. Will the likes of Ivy , Celia or Sam discover what his secret is? Or will their probing expose their own deep secrets instead? Read this book to find out.

I really loved Celia as a character; she seemed to fall for men who didn’t have her best interests at heart, but meeting Luca had a profound effect on her life and her future goals, which I thought was a great part of this story.

I think the ending was really great and very surprising as well. If you love stories set in a beautiful scenic village with interesting and conspiring characters, check out this book.

Amazon buy link to Riverside Lane.

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